Germany Labrador Retriever “Bruno” Chip vaccination card 500€

  • October 21, 2022 3:26 pm
  • Bremen, Germany
Germany Labrador Retriever “Bruno” Chip vaccination card 500€


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It’s a “little” sweet, biscuit colored darling with a light nose.
Our pet is a very happy animal who loves to be around people and is used to spending time both in the house and in the garden.
Always signaling his physiological needs, he loves going for walks and running for a ball or fetching other objects.
Bruno is friends with children and cats. He is also cuddly and likes it when we stroke his chest or neck. In addition, he always likes to have his favorite toys, a stuffed hen, a colorful rag doll and his teething rings with him.
He gets the premium dry food Junior and, for a change, the select canned food, a bread roll, carrots and apples, and occasionally a banana. He has special deer horn bones and drummed wood to bite.
Our dog has become part of our family. Nevertheless, it is with a heavy heart that we have to find another loving home for him due to fate. I ask for thoughtful decisions. Bruno is a healthy and strong male, got a vaccination card and a microchip.