To ensure good user experience for both Buyer & Sellers, the following could be some reasons why your ad did not go live. For more information, please click on the links provided below to understand better our posting rules.

Ban Reason: Forbidden Products

OE ADS does not allow Items or Service which violate the Law and OE ADS policies. Sellers need to comply with items considered legal or valid for sale in Pakistan.

Ban Reason: Duplicate

Posting duplicate ads are not cool and a definite no-go on OE ADS. If you post multiple items or even in multiple locations, your ads will be removed and could lead to your access being restricted.

Ban Reason: Invalid image

Selfies and images that have no obvious relation or affinity to the ad will be deleted. Images downloaded from the internet (stock images) are not allowed.

Ban Reason: Invalid price

To ensure a great experience for both Buyers & Sellers on OE ADS, we only allow ads that have a realistic/reasonable price for the item being sold. Putting a good price for your item helps the buyer to discover your item and contact you to make a deal.

Ban Reason: Bad title

If an ad posted on OE ADS has incomplete or vague text in the title, we mark it as ‘Bad Title’ and remove it from our website. Having an incomplete or vague title makes it impossible for buyers to find your ad and makes it less likely for you to sell your product.

Ban Reason: Bad description

In order to ensure the quality of experience for buyers and sellers on OE ADS, we do not allow ads with bad descriptions. For us to deliver this superior experience, we need to make sure all ads follow our rules on writing a description.

Ban Reason: Multiple products

In accordance with our policy, we do not allow an ad that contains more than 1 item or service to be sold. All ads that mention multiple items are removed as forbidden.

Ban Reason: Product change

To keep content fresh and relevant for buyers, changing items or services after the ad is published is not allowed. You can post a fresh ad for the new ones. We’ve made it super fast and easy.

Ban Reason: Email/Links/Phone numbers

We do not allow URLs or unverified numbers in the title of your ad. However, you may add a URL in the description of your ad as long as it’s a link to additional information or to a page with more pictures. We do not allow links that are designed solely to redirect traffic to another website or unverified numbers to increase buyers’ trust.

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